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januari 2014 - Rebbl



Oldtimer Bug electric conversion promocar

  • By ivovandenbrink

Two years ago, OGD ict-services from The Netherlands decided to buy an electric oldtimer. Until then, they used an original VW T2 as their marketing campaign car. Nice but stinky, and that’s a big NO when you’re visiting crowds. Now they use this beauty, an oldtimer VW Bug with a conversion kit from Rebbl. Not a DIY project this time, but converted by Rebbl. The guys from did a testdrive, and as you will expect: they were utterly surprised. Read all about it!





Avoid heavy oldtimer tax in The Netherlands

  • By ivovandenbrink

Owners of oldtimers in the Netherlands can save big on tax by converting their beauty to electric. A smart, sustainable investment that will save you a lot of money. There are some great tax regulations in The Netherlands that make a conversion a very interesting investment. This way you can keep your joy of driving. Here is Edwin Bestebreurtje, he invested in the conversion of his red convertible Volkswagen Bug, a beautiful daily driver with a range of over 120km.




University class uses Rebbl EV conversion kit

  • By ivovandenbrink

A University class from Finland came visiting Rebbl a year ago, wanting to know everything about converting an oldtimer VW T2 to electric. They took a complete DIY kit home and created a highly original electric car. What a great bus!

SAMK ev conversion vw t2 rebbl

SAMK ev conversion vw t2 rebbl calb SAMK ev conversion vw t2 rebbl kostovSAMK ev conversion vw t2 rebbl front




Oldtimer VW Bug EV conversion inspired by ‘The Age of Stupid’

  • By ivovandenbrink

Our client Menno Schilder from The Netherlands decided to convert an oldtimer Bug to electric after watching the movie ‘The Age of Stupid’. He was fed up with filling up his car at the gasstation, so he contacted Rebbl. Because his grandfather started a Volkswagen dealership 75 years ago, he decided to convert a VW himself, using a complete DIY kit. His father and uncle helped him, and Rebbl helped to get the car approved at the RDW.  The car has a range of 170km and is in great shape, a true daily driver.

dr_woe_conversion_bug_rebbl conversion_bug_volkswagen_schilder