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februari 2014 - Rebbl



Electric Lovebus in MaakjehuisHoom campaign

  • By ivovandenbrink

The electric Lovebus is playing a bit-role in the marketing campaign for MaakjehuisHoom, an initiative from Dutch energy distribution company Alliander. Hoom helps you to make your home more comfortable and sustainable, in three easy steps.




New Calb cells in original Fiat Panda Elettra

  • By ivovandenbrink

The barnfind Fiat Panda Elettra received its new Calb cells, delivered by Rebbl, giving this little electric car a torque it has never felt before. The pack was slowly top-balanced and installed with a mini BMS, nice DIY job. Check this testdrive, in second gear. Pure electric fun.







Supercharging on EV conversions

  • By ivovandenbrink

Thanks to Tesla and some plugin hybrid cars, the electric car is becoming more and more accepted as a full alternative to a traditional car. Supercharging is playing a major role in all of this. Europe is creating a DC-DC supercharging infrastructure that will make it possible to drive your EV like any other car. Drive 200km, take a 20min brake and move along with a full tank of juice. Isn’t that great?!

Then how about supercharging as an add-on to your electric car conversion kit… Yes please! We expect a breakthrough on this in 2014. And we will definitely keep you posted on this!




Seine beste Freundin ist die Steckdose

  • By ivovandenbrink

One of our clients in Germany converted a Mazda MX5 to electric using a Rebbl DIY EV Conversion Kit. The result is a great little high performance car; from 0-100km/h under 5 seconds. Read all about it in the Weser Kurier!

Mazda_MX5_Rebbl_EV_conversion_kit Mazda_MX5_Rebbl_kit_EV_conversion



Join our cars in the worlds largest EV Rally

  • By ivovandenbrink

Rebbl will participate in The Wave Trophy, the world’s largest EV rally, leading from Baden-Württemberg to the Alps in 8 days, starting May 31st. There will be 50 – 70 participating teams from all over the world. We will enter the race with the Longrange T2 Lovebus and the Uberbug.

And… we have two seats available! This is your unique chance to experience this great EV race, and meet pioneers from all over the world. You can join the full trip for €1500, half trip for €800 and a day trip for €300. This is including hotel, breakfast, lunch & dinner, your logo on the car and a nice PR package. Are you with us?