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mei 2014 - Rebbl



World record: 507 electric cars

  • By ivovandenbrink

We did it! The worlds biggest electro rally The Wavetrophy achieved the official World Record today in Stuttgart. 507 electric cars in line made this great picture. Wonderful to be here with Rebbl’s Lovebus and Überbug.




Überbug converted from DC to AC

  • By ivovandenbrink

In preparation for the biggest e-rally in the world, the Wavetrophy, we decided to convert the Überbug from AC to DC. How else will we be able to drive of a 3000m Alp? We had some wrestling with software, upgrades and settings, and even had to bypass 10 cells (out of 110) to get even the biggest Curtis to work. But it runs like an angel now. Nice cooperation with our friends at New Electric.

Less torque at low rpm compared to DC, but more at high rpm. And a hefty regen, which will be nice in the Alps!





Bootcamp Wavetrophy: Uberbug conversion to AC

  • By ivovandenbrink

In preparation of the Wavetrophy we analyzed the field test of the Lovebus and took a good look at the breaking system of the Uberbug. It needed modern disk breaks before, to get it approved by the RDW. But we expect going up and down the Alps by 3000m within an hour, and this will be stressful! Also, the range of the car will go from over 200km on a normal surface, to about 40km going constantly uphill. So the Uberbug needs regenerative breaking going downhill no matter what.

This is with pain in our heart though, since the bug has a wonderful low torque, the DC system provides a lot of power for you money. Swapping the powerful Soliton1 for a small Curtis controller does hurt a bit.

But we’re open to new experiences, and in the next few days we’ll test the AC drivetrain. We will analyze the trade off between great power and regenerative breaking thoroughly, and keep you posted of course!

rebbl Uberbug AC electric drivetrain EV conversion



Bootcamp Wave Trophy: how to pass the Alps

  • By ivovandenbrink

Converting an old VW Bus into a full electric car is a challenge, but by now we got a little used to this phenomena. The vintage white walled wheels have rolled more than 50.000 electric km’s, along highways and scenic alternatives. It all sounds like a good preparation for the 1600km’s of the WAVE trophy. So it seems from the perspective of a lowlander……..


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