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september 2014 - Rebbl



Dream your Tesla killer EV Conversion

  • By ivovandenbrink

The Tesla S is a great electric car and there is nothing that comes close. Or is there? What would a competitor look like, if we would make one, with a kit and parts from our webshop?

First: an über cool donor car, light but big enough, preferably rear drive, motor up front for space and weight balance. What about the TVR Cerbera: after ripping out all fossil rubbish only 850kg remains (€15k).

You will need 75kWh of batteries, we prefer Calb 72Ah batteries (€25k, 650kg). Because of the high voltage we’d go for the DMOC/Siemens setup (€8,5k, 100kg). Charger: Brusa 22kw (€4k). You will charge >100km an hour. Other stuff: a BMS (€2,5k) and the rest (heater, adapter, cables, etc. (€10k). Altogether you will need a budget of roughly €65k excluding VAT.

Now you have to put it together. Say goodbye to your shrink with this wonderful winterhobby! We can help you out of course. The result: a fast, long range and highly original Tesla killer! Want to realize your electric dream car? Contact us!

The TVT Cerbera: an ideal electric car conversion according to Rebbl EV Conversion Webshop



Spectacular future of lithium

  • By ivovandenbrink

Recently our main battery supplier CALB in China sent us their forecast regarding product and technology. From 2015 to 2020 their goals are:

  • Energy density from 120wh/kg to 200wh/kg
  • Cycle life from 4000 to 20000 recharges
  • Calendar life from 8 to 25 years
  • Price from $400/kWh to $150/kWh

To prove that they are right on track, CALB recently introduced their 72Ah CAM cell, with 30% better energy density than the the existing productline.If only half of this is going to be realized, EV’s will soon have more range then ICE cars. And that’s exactly what Elon Musk is telling us.

Calb lithium batteries for electric car conversions in Rebbl EV Webshop