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Video Demo Emrax Bamocar Combination for EV Conversions

  • By ivovandenbrink

To good to be true? No, this is reality and it’s a great setup for high end DIY EV Conversions! The Emrax 228 permanent magnet AC motor, from Enstroj, weighs only 12,3kg, and can deliver 35 to 55 kW continuous output, depending on the RPM and cooling. The peak torque can be 240 Nm for a short period and 100kW peak power. The motor works fine in combination with a Bamocar D3 controller (8,5kg) from Unitek.

In our test you see the Emrax 228, liquid cooled, medium voltage version (upto 450V). We see great potential for electric drive trains where high performance, weight or fastcharging (because of the high voltage) are important. An Emrax 228 liquid cooled motor + resolver cable + I/O cable + Bamocar D3 controller + power cable connectors, will cost around € 7000,- excl. VAT.




Breaking: First time Fast Charging a DIY EV Conversion Car

  • By ivovandenbrink

We did it! We solved the puzzle. In the past few months we’ve had intensive contact with professionals from Orion, to implement the communication protocol for DC fast charging for DIY EV Conversions! Today we succeeded, and charged the electric oldtimer VW T2 at the Leeuwarden Station from Fastned with roughly 30kW/h.



Great University Projects

  • By ivovandenbrink

We did some amazing conversion projects together with universities and schools the past two years. We worked with Hanze Racing Division, Friesche Poort, HAN, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Drenthe College, Satakunta, Flensburg University, Technicka University and Queens University Belfast. Teaching students is great, they want to participate in the electric revolution and really appreciate hands-on experience. Are you a teacher, or do you know a teacher, who would like to start a conversion project in Europe? We can help! Contact for more info.



New Calb batteries breakthrough for EV Conversions

  • By ivovandenbrink

Recently CALB launched a new prismatic 72Ahr CAM cell with a spectacular improvement in volume/energy ratio of almost 40%. This means DIY cells are now in the Nissan Leaf class! Calb provides clever accessories which makes mounting and installation very easy. We expect to see a lot of these in combination in light weight or long range solutions, like boats, scooters and long range cars. Joost explains why.

More about these great batteries in our webshop:

Calb_ LiFePO4_72Ah_lithium_rebbl_EV_conversion


Dec 2014: 48.000 visitors from 132 countries

  • By ivovandenbrink

2014 was a great year for people from all over the world visited our website. The statistics: 48.000 visitors from 132 countries. Top countries are The Netherlands,  the USA and Germany. More info here. Thanks for all your visits folks! There’s more great content to come in 2015, so we’d love to see you back!





EMC approval 2 AC motors & controllers

  • By ivovandenbrink

Just adding several motor and controller kits to dress up our webshop is unfortunately not an option in the EU. For EV purpose these must be certified according to EU standards for EMC (electro magnetic radiation). Like our DC controllers, we want to deliver the AC controllers and motors with all the necessary certificates, and conversion instructions, before we offer them to our customers. In cooperation with New Electric, we took our test equipment to TÜV Rheinland, and let them certify two of our AC motor/controller sets:

  • the liquid cooled Siemens AC motor, and DMOC controller, 47kW continuous power and 118kW Peak.
  • the HPEV AC51/75 motor with 144V Curtis controller: 14kW continuous and 70kW peak.

The TÜV tested both of them, and concluded that our set up is approved according to the

That’s good news for every conversion project for two reasons. First: we now have several more AC options to choose from. Second: the cost EV conversions approval will be much lower. If you have any questions about converting your car to electric, just let us know.

Rebbl EV Conversion kit AC drivetrain certification Rebbl EV Conversion kit AC motor controller certification



Electric Überbug hits Furkapass

  • By ivovandenbrink

The 8 day Wavetrophy from Stuttgart to Zürich went over the Furkapass today. And the electric Überbug from Rebbl made it! The Curtis controller got a little hot, but with a little extra cooling from the permafrost all went very smooth. Take a look at the breathtaking scenery.



World record: 507 electric cars

  • By ivovandenbrink

We did it! The worlds biggest electro rally The Wavetrophy achieved the official World Record today in Stuttgart. 507 electric cars in line made this great picture. Wonderful to be here with Rebbl’s Lovebus and Überbug.




Electric Lovebus charging on fuel cells

  • By ivovandenbrink

Today we visited EnTrance at the Zernike Campus. Innovation is all that matters here, which we could experience ourselves by plugging in Rebbl’s Electric Lovebus into a grid of fuel cells. Great to see what possibilities are coming for DIY electric car conversions!








Supercharging on EV conversions

  • By ivovandenbrink

Thanks to Tesla and some plugin hybrid cars, the electric car is becoming more and more accepted as a full alternative to a traditional car. Supercharging is playing a major role in all of this. Europe is creating a DC-DC supercharging infrastructure that will make it possible to drive your EV like any other car. Drive 200km, take a 20min brake and move along with a full tank of juice. Isn’t that great?!

Then how about supercharging as an add-on to your electric car conversion kit… Yes please! We expect a breakthrough on this in 2014. And we will definitely keep you posted on this!