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Electric Quad made to perfection

  • By ivovandenbrink

Check out this electric quad from a Dutch customer, converted with an eye for perfection. Simply beautiful.

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The EV Conversion Kit that was used for this quad:



Dream your Tesla killer EV Conversion

  • By ivovandenbrink

The Tesla S is a great electric car and there is nothing that comes close. Or is there? What would a competitor look like, if we would make one, with a kit and parts from our webshop?

First: an über cool donor car, light but big enough, preferably rear drive, motor up front for space and weight balance. What about the TVR Cerbera: after ripping out all fossil rubbish only 850kg remains (€15k).

You will need 75kWh of batteries, we prefer Calb 72Ah batteries (€25k, 650kg). Because of the high voltage we’d go for the DMOC/Siemens setup (€8,5k, 100kg). Charger: Brusa 22kw (€4k). You will charge >100km an hour. Other stuff: a BMS (€2,5k) and the rest (heater, adapter, cables, etc. (€10k). Altogether you will need a budget of roughly €65k excluding VAT.

Now you have to put it together. Say goodbye to your shrink with this wonderful winterhobby! We can help you out of course. The result: a fast, long range and highly original Tesla killer! Want to realize your electric dream car? Contact us!

The TVT Cerbera: an ideal electric car conversion according to Rebbl EV Conversion Webshop



Electric boat kits

  • By ivovandenbrink

We have two interesting boat conversion projects at the moment. One is a tourist boat from a client in Assen, The Netherlands. He is using a Siemens motor with an Azure Dynamics DMOC controller. A pack of 80kWh of lead acid batteries wil give it more than enough to do 3 hours of sightseeing.

Electric boat conversion kit Rebbl tourist boat


The other project is a huge catamaran that’s being built right now by Metaltec-Naval in Spain. This is also a tourist boat, one that can have 120 persons aboard. The catamaran will have a double Kostov 9″ with two Soliton Junior controllers inside.

Electric boat conversion catamaran Rebbl



Electric Überbug hits Furkapass

  • By ivovandenbrink

The 8 day Wavetrophy from Stuttgart to Zürich went over the Furkapass today. And the electric Überbug from Rebbl made it! The Curtis controller got a little hot, but with a little extra cooling from the permafrost all went very smooth. Take a look at the breathtaking scenery.



World record: 507 electric cars

  • By ivovandenbrink

We did it! The worlds biggest electro rally The Wavetrophy achieved the official World Record today in Stuttgart. 507 electric cars in line made this great picture. Wonderful to be here with Rebbl’s Lovebus and Überbug.




Überbug converted from DC to AC

  • By ivovandenbrink

In preparation for the biggest e-rally in the world, the Wavetrophy, we decided to convert the Überbug from AC to DC. How else will we be able to drive of a 3000m Alp? We had some wrestling with software, upgrades and settings, and even had to bypass 10 cells (out of 110) to get even the biggest Curtis to work. But it runs like an angel now. Nice cooperation with our friends at New Electric.

Less torque at low rpm compared to DC, but more at high rpm. And a hefty regen, which will be nice in the Alps!





Bootcamp Wave Trophy: how to pass the Alps

  • By ivovandenbrink

Converting an old VW Bus into a full electric car is a challenge, but by now we got a little used to this phenomena. The vintage white walled wheels have rolled more than 50.000 electric km’s, along highways and scenic alternatives. It all sounds like a good preparation for the 1600km’s of the WAVE trophy. So it seems from the perspective of a lowlander……..


Read more…



Electric Lovebus in Esprit retailcampaign

  • By ivovandenbrink

Fashion company Esprit visits shops all over The Netherlands in a classy and clean kind of way: in the electric Lovebus. Today there are visits in the Eastern part of The Netherlands, tomorrow the bus drives to the South. Rebbl added an extra pack of flexible chargers to facilitate the program. The bus can now charge at 15kW/h at regular charging stations, giving it about 75km range per charging hour.





Karmann Ghia EV Conversion Drenthe College

  • By ivovandenbrink

Students from Drenthe College in The Netherlands are converting this beautiful Volkswagen Karmann Ghia to 100% electric car. Rebbl helps with the DIY kit, batteries, tips & tricks. Great project!



Electric Lovebus charging on fuel cells

  • By ivovandenbrink

Today we visited EnTrance at the Zernike Campus. Innovation is all that matters here, which we could experience ourselves by plugging in Rebbl’s Electric Lovebus into a grid of fuel cells. Great to see what possibilities are coming for DIY electric car conversions!