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FT Bonito 100% electric

FT Bonito 100% electric

A conversion project is quite special, so most of you choose a special model to convert: old vans, sporty oldtimers- and youngtimers are definitely favorite. This car is so rare, there are only a few of them driving around: one in the Netherlands and probably two in Germany. It’s the FT Bonito Cabriolet, a car with a VW Bug chassis and a plastic body that was inspired by the legendary Ford GT40. The Bonito was converted with our VW Bug kit, consisting of the following parts:

Motor: Kostov 10″ DC 

Controller: EVNetics Soliton JR with Rebbl EMC kit

Batteries:  60 100Ah GBS

Charger: 2x Elcon 2500W

BMS: Orion


Adapter plate

DCDC converter

Controller cooling package

Throttle pot

Electric circuit & Safety kit

ExpertPro SoC kit

RPM Sensor kit

Enforced clutch group VW Bug

Mennekes type II inlet plug