Rebbl tames EMC on EVNetics Soliton1 and SolitonJR

Rebbl is Europe’s exclusive distributor of EVNetics controllers, used in electric vehicle conversions. In 2011 the EV market in Europe was confronted with steep new demands for EV’s: Electro Magnetic Compatibilty acc. to Automotive Directives 2004/104/CE AND 2009/19/CE. With no reasonable solution available Rebbl had 2 options: Kill Rebbl, or do it the hard way: Meet the Standard. 


The hard way
Naturally Rebbl did it the hard way: Since October 2011 we are succesfully completing the approval process again at our National Institute for Roadsafety, the RDW. After a long, uncertain and costly process of trial and error we finally certified the EVNetics controllers in combination with brushed DC motors.

Available for DIY
The good news for everybody who wants to convert his dreamcar is that Rebbl decided to make the EMC compliant controller available for the market. Naturally we ask money for our EMC package, but it is very reasonable compared to the hard way we had to take. We also know now, that in every EU member state, national institutes for road safety ask for this: CE marking for EMC compatibility. So, if you want an official licence plate on your car, and your car registered as EV in the EU: now way to escape! If you want to use the controller for marine or racing applications: don’t bother.

How does it work?
When you order an EMC compliant controller at Rebbl, we start modifying the controller we import directly from EVNetics. After that we add customized casing, RFI filters and shielding material for the cables, a manual’how to apply’ and a productcertificate. We send it all to you. The productcertificate refers to the serial number of the controller. Everyone who approves the car will be able to verify the authenticity of the product.

What is actually certified?
The certification is applicable for a Soliton 1 or jr. controller in combination with a brushed DC motor, like the Warp’s of Kostov’s. The certification process was executed by the German Tüv Rheinland.