German TÜV accepts Rebbl EMC testresults

rebb_germanyEarlier this year Rebbl’s Drivetrain, a modified EVNetics controller in combination with a brushed DC motor, was tested and approved for EMC in the Netherlands. TÜV Nord in Germany stated yesterday that it also accepts the Dutch testresults and certification. That’s a giant leap for the craft guild of conversionists!

Expensive testing

Ever since the ECER100 was applied and enforced in the EU, conversion companies and individuals had great difficulties in getting their converted cars approved, since they had to prove that EMC was within the hefty European automotive standards. Our customer in Germany, who ordered a complete Do-It-Yourself kit, can now finish his conversion of a VW Passat without having to test his complete car on EMC. This is now taken care of by Rebbl’s certificate and testreport.