Bootcamp Wavetrophy: Uberbug conversion to AC

In preparation of the Wavetrophy we analyzed the field test of the Lovebus and took a good look at the breaking system of the Uberbug. It needed modern disk breaks before, to get it approved by the RDW. But we expect going up and down the Alps by 3000m within an hour, and this will be stressful! Also, the range of the car will go from over 200km on a normal surface, to about 40km going constantly uphill. So the Uberbug needs regenerative breaking going downhill no matter what.

This is with pain in our heart though, since the bug has a wonderful low torque, the DC system provides a lot of power for you money. Swapping the powerful Soliton1 for a small Curtis controller does hurt a bit.

But we’re open to new experiences, and in the next few days we’ll test the AC drivetrain. We will analyze the trade off between great power and regenerative breaking thoroughly, and keep you posted of course!

rebbl Uberbug AC electric drivetrain EV conversion