This oldtimer Porsche does the Tesla range in style

Take a look at this beauty: a converted oldtimer Porsche. Built from the ground up with a plastic kit and converted with a 100kW drive train and 70kWh battery. This beauty does the Tesla range, over 400km, in style.

The drivetrain is highly customizable: coaxial drives powered by one or two motors up to an electric all wheel drive will satisfy your every need in AC propulsion. Pick from a range of 100kW to 4 x 150kW to suit your wish for maximum driving performance. Regenerative braking, traction control and torque vectoring included. Do you like the 550 Spyder better? This body can be placed on the same chassis. Great!

The assembly of the kit-car and the conversion to electric is done by our friends from TURN–E from Germany. The batteries are assembled at the facility of Europe‘s biggest battery supplier, Batterie Montage Zentrum, BMZ.

IMG_3381 IMG_6674 IMG_6684