EMC approval 2 AC motors & controllers

Just adding several motor and controller kits to dress up our webshop is unfortunately not an option in the EU. For EV purpose these must be certified according to EU standards for EMC (electro magnetic radiation). Like our DC controllers, we want to deliver the AC controllers and motors with all the necessary certificates, and conversion instructions, before we offer them to our customers. In cooperation with New Electric, we took our test equipment to TÜV Rheinland, and let them certify two of our AC motor/controller sets:

  • the liquid cooled Siemens AC motor, and DMOC controller, 47kW continuous power and 118kW Peak.
  • the HPEV AC51/75 motor with 144V Curtis controller: 14kW continuous and 70kW peak.

The TÜV tested both of them, and concluded that our set up is approved according to the

That’s good news for every conversion project for two reasons. First: we now have several more AC options to choose from. Second: the cost EV conversions approval will be much lower. If you have any questions about converting your car to electric, just let us know.

Rebbl EV Conversion kit AC drivetrain certification Rebbl EV Conversion kit AC motor controller certification