Dream your Tesla killer EV Conversion

The Tesla S is a great electric car and there is nothing that comes close. Or is there? What would a competitor look like, if we would make one, with a kit and parts from our webshop?

First: an über cool donor car, light but big enough, preferably rear drive, motor up front for space and weight balance. What about the TVR Cerbera: after ripping out all fossil rubbish only 850kg remains (€15k).

You will need 75kWh of batteries, we prefer Calb 72Ah batteries (€25k, 650kg). Because of the high voltage we’d go for the DMOC/Siemens setup (€8,5k, 100kg). Charger: Brusa 22kw (€4k). You will charge >100km an hour. Other stuff: a BMS (€2,5k) and the rest (heater, adapter, cables, etc. (€10k). Altogether you will need a budget of roughly €65k excluding VAT.

Now you have to put it together. Say goodbye to your shrink with this wonderful winterhobby! We can help you out of course. The result: a fast, long range and highly original Tesla killer! Want to realize your electric dream car? Contact us!

The TVT Cerbera: an ideal electric car conversion according to Rebbl EV Conversion Webshop

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