Electric Citroën HY Street-food Wagon for Lekkeretrek

In january we will start converting an oldtimer Citroën HY to electric, in our new workshop in Drachten. The old bus will be restored body-off, converted to electric and then converted again: to a snack-wagon full of honest and delicious street-food. There will be several of these in the Netherlands. Take a look at this great initiative: Lekkeretrek. The bus will have a range of about 140km at 80km/hr and can be fully charged in 6-7hrs.

The bus will be converted with a DC motor-controller setup:


The clean HY body, ready for new paint


A special Kostov 11″ Alpha 250V mounted on the existing gearbox of the Citroen HY


Tooth splined shaft and torque adapter attached to the flywheel


Tooth splined shaft


Soliton 1 and Calb Lithium batteries


An older, ICE-powered, HY from Lekkeretrek in action

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