Breaking: First time Fast Charging a DIY EV Conversion car, with the Chademo plug at Fastned

Update Chademo Fastcharging for EV Conversions: Allego test coming up

Recently we reported our successful implementation of the Chademo fast charging standard for our DIY EV Conversions. The combination of our Orion BMS, the Chademo inlet and some extra hardware proved to be the right one. The last few weeks we experienced the great comfort of this, especially when the bus was rented for campaigning throughout the Netherlands. Fastned’s next station will be build along the A7, near Tijnje. We did encounter some problems with chargers from the Portugese company Efacec, exploited by the New Motion and Allego. This charger did not communicate with our car so we were not able to charge here. Together with Allego we have planned to do a test in August at their testlab. We will keep you posted.