Emrax Bamocar AC electric motor controller diy ev conversion

Video Demo Emrax Bamocar Combination for EV Conversions

To good to be true? No, this is reality and it’s a great setup for high end DIY EV Conversions! The Emrax 228 permanent magnet AC motor, from Enstroj, weighs only 12,3kg, and can deliver 35 to 55 kW continuous output, depending on the RPM and cooling. The peak torque can be 240 Nm for a short period and 100kW peak power. The motor works fine in combination with a Bamocar D3 controller (8,5kg) from Unitek.

In our test you see the Emrax 228, liquid cooled, medium voltage version (upto 450V). We see great potential for electric drive trains where high performance, weight or fastcharging (because of the high voltage) are important. An Emrax 228 liquid cooled motor + resolver cable + I/O cable + Bamocar D3 controller + power cable connectors, will cost around € 7000,- excl. VAT.