approvedRebbl’s experience with individual approval or homologation of the EV conversion in EU countries.

The Big question
The biggest question for most of our customers is whether they can get their EV conversion road legal and E-licensed after conversion. Normally, in every EU country the ECE R100 standard is applicable for:

– any EV, and
– vehicle category M+N and
– a topspeed over 25 km/hr.

So, most likely, also your conversion. Also, every local institute for road safety will have their own checkpoints to make the testprocess for homologation complete.

Some institutes will check whether controller, motor, converter, charger, etc. are EMC compliant (electro magnetic radiation), which means that just CE-marking might not be enough as an automotive standard, but E-marking is what they will check. This is concerning:

Electro Magnetic Compatibilty acc. to Automotive Directives 2004/104/CE AND 2009/19/CE.

In this document we will try to explain, as much as possible, what aspects could be important for your conversion. It is meant to be purely informative, based on our experiences, and that of our customers.

In every situation it is the best approach to involve your local institute upfront, and not confront them afterwards with your creation. It is likely that you’ll experience a lot of goodwill with the inspectors because they will like your project, but be sure what they will check.

In some countries it is not possible to make a vehicle heavier, and still be licensed as a 4, 5 or more person vehicle. Check upfront how the inspector deals with this issue. This also depends on the ‘age’ of the vehicle. In the Netherlands, additional road tests are done for this.

Although we have not heard of this situation yet, it could be possible that an institute demands that the total vehicle should be tested for EMC, and not just the single parts. That could complicate the homologation considerably. The only option is that you try another country for homologation, get it E-licensed there, and import the car again into your own country.

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