EMC Compliancy

Rebbl_TUV_EMC_approvalIn 2011 Rebbl did a big investment to make the Soliton 1 and the Soliton jr. EMC compliant, acc. to EU-standards, applicable for automotive. The scope of this certification:

Soliton 1 or jr. controller with any brushed DC motor.

So yes, all Kostov’s DC’s, the Warp’s or other brushed DC motors fit within this scope. You can benefit from this, by ordering our EMC package.

Process for EMC compliancy
Rebbl imports the Soliton controllers from EVNetics, and to make them EMC compliant, we modify them on the inside. Additionally we provide an EMC package and manual how to install the controller and motor.

We deliver the EMC package incl. extra shielding material for the controller, special shielded power cables, manual, RFI filters, throughput rubbers, and a certificate of compliancy. The unique serial number of the controller is corresponding with the certificatie of compliancy

Often, this Rebbl certificate of compliancy is not directly accepted by the inspectors. In that case we send our official test report of TüV Rheinland directly to the inspector. We cannot send it to our customer, because this one of our companies biggest assets. Until now this has worked out for all our customers

Very important is to explain to the inspectors that the motor itself is not a source of EMC. Maybe the sparks, which sometimes are caused by the brushes, cause radiation, but that has turned out to be a tiny fraction of what the controller produces.

Important to realize is that the contollers are not EMC compliant when they come directly from EVNetics or any other source. Rebbl will only provide a certificate of compliancy when we can modify the controller on the inside AND deliver an additional EMC package.

At the moment Rebbl is preparing EMC compliancy for an AC controller/motor system, suitable for the DIY EV conversion market.