Delivering Fair Trade Certificates to West Frisian Businesses

Municipalities in the South West of Friesland stimulate local organizations to work on a more sustainable level. A great succes. Rebbl was asked to deliver Fair Trade Certificates in an appropriate manner: with the electric VW T2. Do you have a special promotion that needs a special car? We’ve got electric old-timers for rent 🙂 …

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Vom Schwabenland ins Alpenland

About 80 teams from 12 countries will enter the Wave Trophy (May 31 – June 8). Rebbl will participate with two teams: Team Lovebus, supported by Greenchoice, and team Ăśberbug, supported by theAmsterdam Energy & Climate Fund. Take a look at the other teams: lots of nice Tesla’s and Leafs, but also other (oldtimer) conversions like Porsches and …

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