11" motor for longrange VW T2

This longrange Volkswagen T2 Van gets a bigger electric motor; an 11″ Warp. The power of the big battery pack combined with the weight of the car make this a preferred solution. Want to discuss the type of motor you can use best for your EV conversion? Just call or send us an email.

New drivetrain eJag

We drove the Jag the past months having lots of joy. But we also thought of how we could make it better: more low rpm torque, more range, less influence of cold on performance, better protection of batteries. The solution: a redesign to direct drive, 40kWh of 100Amp Li-on batteries and an Orion BMS. We’ll …

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German TÜV accepts Rebbl EMC testresults

Earlier this year Rebbl’s Drivetrain, a modified EVNetics controller in combination with a brushed DC motor, was tested and approved for EMC in the Netherlands. TÜV Nord in Germany stated yesterday that it also accepts the Dutch testresults and certification. That’s a giant leap for the craft guild of conversionists! Expensive testing Ever since the ECER100 was applied …

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