Green Packaging Initiative

We are thrilled to share that REBBL is one of the first in the food industry to transition to 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles! Working with a team of environmental and packaging design experts to bring to market sustainable packaging, our new Green Packaging Initiative converts used plastic into our new 12 oz plastic bottles, which in turn conserves resources, reduces landfill, and capitalizes on the energy already invested in making existing plastic products.

It’s a complex and costly process but one we are proud to prioritize as a leading member of the Climate Collaborative, which represents a cohort of natural products companies working to reverse climate change through climate action commitments in nine key areas, including packaging. A core part of REBBL’s mission is to create positive social and environmental impact in conjuction with delivering truly delicious and nourishing plant-based beverages.

Deep Dive into the Problem & Solution

REBBL’s green packaging initiative is an important solution for reducing environmental waste. Recycling one ton of plastic containers saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space. But recycling isn’t just about sorting plastics into the correct waste stream. According to a recent National Geographic article, only about 9% of ‘recyclables’ actually go through the recycling process due to the inefficiencies of the U.S. recycling infrastructure. As it currently stands, it is much cheaper to create new plastic rather than process used plastic. Collectively, we need to create a market for existing plastic.

“Our bottle is among the first in the industry made of 100% recycled material. With this new packaging, REBBL is making it easier for consumers to choose both sustainable and high-quality products.”
“By switching 20 million REBBL bottles annually to recycled plastic, greenhouse gas emissions have the potential to be reduced by 922 tons of carbon dioxide, or roughly the environmental equivalent benefit 1,086 acres of US forests in one year.”

Michele Kessler

Today’s shoppers have the power to play a substantial role in shifting the environmental landscape. Through responsible purchasing decisions, consumers can help create a market for post-consumer recycled plastic. REBBL also ships all of their online orders in boxes, liners, and ice packs that are fully biodegradable or curb-side recyclable. REBBL aims to incentivize the recycling industry by growing the demand for post-consumer recycled plastics, and ultimately revolutionize the food industry.

Shopping Green and Shipping Green

Not only are our bottles made from 100% recycled material, but we also ship our plant-based beverages in environmentally green packaging. When you order REBBL online for delivery, all our boxes, liners, and ice packs are fully biodegradable or curbside recyclable. We partner with one of the only suppliers of sustainable, curbside recyclable insulation for shipping perishable items–a great alternative to styrofoam which is still used by many brands in the natural food space.

On top of that, we are transitioning to new ice packs, which can be used as plant fertilizer (because you know how much we love plants!). This eco-friendly ice pack that recycles as plant food has has been shown to increase plant growth by 25%.

At REBBL, we’re committed to making sustainable choices that are literally good for the Earth!



*Excludes cap and label.