Mindfulness Tips


I no longer let failure or fear bring me down. Instead I use them as motivation to live my best life and be the best version I can possibly be of myself.
I want to share 7 tips that I’ve learned along my life journey so far. They help me live a more positive, fulfilled lifestyle because despite the negatives, there is so much beauty in this world and we deserve to experience all of it.

Maintain an Open Mind

Often times, we go through life where we close ourselves off from experiencing new things. I think this is because a lot of us are so comfortable with the familiar and have been hurt in the past, but what I’ve learned is that the most exciting opportunities come from going through life with an open mind and healing from the past via yoga, meditation and holistic health modalities. Opening your mind to new ideas, opinions, interests, and more, can result in some of your life’s greatest experiences.

Be Love

I truly believe that love and kindness can heal this world. No matter what, be the things that you want to see more of in this world. If you want more kindness, be kind to others. If you want more peace, make peace with others. Whatever you put out into the world comes right back to you. Why not be the change you want to see in the world and in others?

Search Inside Yourself to Find Joy

How we treat ourselves is important in maintaining our relationships with others. Many people think that our peace and joy can be satisfied through other people and other things, but really, it can be found within ourselves. Get to know yourself and your body better by making more time for self-care, giving yourself breaks from busy schedules and going within by simply having more me-time.

Find Joy

Do What Makes Your Soul Happy

Life is way too short to not embrace doing the things that you love. We sometimes let judgement and fear hinder us from doing what makes us truly happy, but when you jump over those hurdles, the negativity and the outside voices no longer matter. You deserve to live the happiest, most fulfilled life possible.<

Be Around People Who Elevate You

In order to live your greatest life, toxicity and negativity should have absolutely no place in your life whatsoever. People come in and out of our lives all the time. Some people stay and some people go, but what is important is that you always keep those that make you feel amazing, close to you. You deserve to be surrounded by people who are supportive and uplifting no matter what.


Honesty is Key

Honesty is one of those things that can be so hard to do, but once it’s done it’s as if a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Go through life being honest no matter how hard it is. The gratification that comes from being truthful to others outweighs the difficulty that it takes to do so in the first place.

Use Life’s Challenges to Grow

Challenges are inevitable, but they aren’t impossible to overcome. Instead of viewing challenges negatively, view them as a path to a physically and mentally stronger version of yourself. Know that whatever it is that you are facing, you will 100% get through it. You are resilient. You don’t fail unless you stop trying.