You may have heard the term “adaptogen” in the media lately, especially within the health and wellness space.

But what does this word really mean, and why is it so important?

Reishi mushroom

Of the thousands of medicinal plants in the world, adaptogens make up only a handful that have earned a special place within traditional healing modalities. Adaptogens like ashwagandha, reishi, and maca are believed to act as body-system modulators and promoters of homeostasis. When taken daily, they will strengthen the body’s own adaptive resilience to stressors. These exquisite plants have been used and treasured by global populations for thousands of years.

Reishi mushroom

REBBL, an acronym for roots, extracts, berries, bark, and leaves, represents this renowned species of the Plant Queendom – the adaptogens — with which we soulfully craft our Coconut-Milk Elixirs.

From the brand to the bottle, adaptogenic herbs are essential to the very foundation on which REBBL was built.

Ashwagandha spicy chai

We decided to round up a few recent adaptogen sightings in the media and share our favorites. Read on to discover the unparalleled power of these special herbs – ashwagandha, reishi, and maca.

Well + Good discusses the sacred reishi mushroom and 5 different ways to get your daily dose of the powerful super herb (hint: our Reishi Chocolate elixir is one of them!)

Pop Sugar has the scoop on the magic of Peruvian maca root

Shape Magazine features our Ashwagandha Chai and other accessible, adaptogenic products for your busy lifestyle.

If hormone health is on your mind, this guide explores several different adaptogens and how they can do wonders for your adrenal glands. Thanks for the guide, Mind Body Green

Last, but not least, Well + Good whipped up 5 easy snack recipes. And yup, you guessed it — they’re all adaptogen powered!

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