5 reasons to reach for a rebbl protein elixir

1. Nourishing Source of Complete Protein

Each REBBL Protein Elixir offerscomplete plant-protein from pea, pumpkin, sunflower, and Brazil nut. Protein is the basic building block of the body. It plays a role in many of the body’s functions, and is known for supporting overall strength, vitality, and much more. It’s no secret that protein is a necessary nutrient, but not all proteins are created equal. Be sure to seek complete protein. This means it contains the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce (therefore, we must seek it from our food).

2. Super Herb Functionality

Super Herb Functionality

One of the features that set REBBL apart from the many protein shakes on the market is the super herbs in each elixir. We craft our elixirs with meaningful, efficacious levels of super herbs to offer added functionality. For example, our Banana Nut Protein elixir features turmeric and ashwagandha. Turmeric root is great for joint health and anti-inflammation while ashwagandha is believed to support strength and vitality. Combined with 12 grams of complete protein, this makes Banana Nut Protein Elixir the perfect pre- or post-workout beverage!


3. Pure, Decadent Deliciousness!

Decadent Deliciousness

With flavors like Dark Chocolate, Banana Nut, Vanilla Spice, and Cold-Brew, it’s no wonder people love our Protein Elixirs. Made with organic coconut milk, each plant-based elixir tastes creamy and decadent. What you taste is what you get – the whole ingredients and herbs – that’s it. Since we don’t use artificial flavors there’s no taste bud trickery. Just pure honest sensory delight.


4. Eco-Friendly & Socially Responsible

Plant-based protein is often produced more sustainably than its animal product counterpart, making it a great choice not just for your health, but also great for the planet. Cultivating plant protein is less resource-intensive than producing beef. It uses less water, land, and energy, plus it produces less greenhouse gas emissions.

All our ingredients are organic certified and ethically sourced. Our supply partners receive fair wages Plus, we contribute 2.5% of net sales of each bottle sold to the nonprofit Not for Sale, which works to eradicate the root causes of human trafficking.

5. Perfect Anytime, Any Where!

Cold-Brew Protein Elixir

Busy morning with no time for breakfast?
Grab a Cold-Brew Protein Elixir!

Need to refuel after an intense workout?
A Banana Nut Protein Elixir is the way to go!

Not satiated after a lunch salad?
Nourish with a Dark Chocolate Protein Elixir!

Craving an indulgent evening snack?
Choose a Vanilla Spice Protein Elixir!

Whether you’re a busy mom or an adventurous surfer, a body builder or a busy professionalwe have a Super Herb Protein Elixir to nourish your lifestyle.