Pitaya Spice Smoothie

One of our utmost goals here at REBBL is to make plant-based foods accessible —and taste completely delicious. So, it was an easy decision to team up with our friends at Pitaya Plus to craft a simple, plant-powered smoothie recipe using our super herb elixirs and their Nicaraguan dragon fruit.

Like REBBL, Pitaya Plus is deeply rooted having a positive social impact, and works closely with the communities from which they source their pitayas in Nicaragua. To date, they’ve been able to provide over 250 jobs to single mothers, who are receiving above minimum wage pay, and even support towards their social security from Pitaya Plus.


With just 3 ingredients, including antioxidant and fiber-filled pitaya, you can indulge in this creamy, adaptogen-powered, superfood-filled blend the next time you need a refreshing, nourishing pick-me-up.


1 cup frozen steamed cauliflower rice

1 full bottle of REBBL Vanilla Spice Protein

1 packet of Pitaya Plus Smoothie Packs (only ingredient: organic pitaya pulp with seeds!)



  1. Depending on the consistency you want your smoothie, you may want to defrost your Pitaya Smoothie Pack for about 15 minutes prior to blending. For an icier blend, you can skip this step.
  2. Mix 1 bottle of Vanilla Spice Protein with the Pitaya Smoothie Pack and cauliflower rice. Note: you can sub this for frozen steamed cauliflower florets if you don’t have rice.
  3. Pulse for about 90 seconds using your blender of choice until the consistency is smooth.
  4. Enjoy!

This recipe makes 2-8oz. servings.


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