Cauliflower Matcha Mint Smoothie Bowl

I have a confession. Nostalgia kicks in every year when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around and I pass a billboard of my all-time favorite childhood treat, the Shamrock Shake. With the Irish holiday just around the corner, I couldn’t help but recreate a clean, plant-rich rendition of the sugary, neon green staple.

I’d been meaning to try the cauliflower-based smoothie that’s been trending recently in the food space, and this quest for a green and creamy treat presented the perfect opportunity. When blended with nut milk— in this case, a creamy, coconut-milk elixir— cauliflower acts as a natural thickener that adds creaminess to the smoothie. It’s also a nourishing, less-sweet alternative to the classic banana and yogurt-based smoothie. This energizing smoothie is a perfect on-the-go blend you can whip up with minimal prep work and only 7 ingredients!



  • 8 oz. REBBL Matcha Latte elixir

  • 1 cup of organic frozen cauliflower

  • 1/3 cup raw organic cashews

  • 1 cup of organic spinach

  • Handful of organic fresh mint leaves

  • 2-3 drops of food grade organic peppermint oilM
  • 1 tbsp organic unsweetened shredded coconut flakes


  1. Pour 8 oz. of REBBL Matcha Latte elixir into your Vitamix or blender.

  2. Add in cauliflower and cashews and blend for 90 seconds, or until the florets and nuts are evenly blended into the elixir.

  3. Toss in spinach, fresh mint leaves, peppermint oil and blend until your vibrant green smoothie becomes creamy and thick.

  4. Pour into a glass, sprinkle coconut flakes and cacao nibs on top, and enjoy!