Turmeric Golden-Milk Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding is one of my favorite meals because it makes for a delicious, nourishing breakfast or snack that prepares itself and can be easily taken on the go. Rich in omega-3s, protein, and healthy fats, chia pudding is an undeniably great choice, but, what if I told you we could make chia pudding even easier?

Instead of taking the time to prepare your own flavored chia pudding, grab your favorite REBBL Elixir and use that as a base instead. For this recipe, I’ve used anti-inflammatory powerhouse Turmeric Golden-Milk, but any of the REBBL Elixirs will do. Grab your favorite ingredients and experiment with different recipes!



  • (1) 12oz bottle REBBL Turmeric Golden-Milk

  • 5 TBS chia seed

  • Handful of goji berries, pecan halves & blueberries for topping


  • Pour your REBBL Golden-Milk into a mason jar, followed by the chia seeds. Seal the jar tightly and shake until fully combined. If there is clumping, open the jar and move the chia seeds around with a spoon.

  • Once fully combined, place sideways in your refrigerator and allow to sit overnight.

  • Pour into a bowl followed by your favorite toppings or simply keep the chia pudding in the jar, add the toppings on top and take it to go!

Anya Kaats Shinall is a San Diego-based Blogger, Health Coach and Marketing Consultant on a mission to share good food, health & happiness with as many people as possible. You can visit Anya’s blog at AnyasEats.com, or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.